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Zerus gets a Virus
Zerus gets a Virus
Zerus gets a Virus
Zerus gets a Virus
Zerus gets a Virus

Zerus gets a Virus

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Staying safe online

Your children rely on digital technology to learn, socialize, and stay connected with the outside world. They're spending part of their daily life online.

Explore with your children some of the key internet safety issues that they should know to be safe online and navigate smoothly.

zerus and ona bits
zerus gets a virus

A story about online safety

Zerus and Ona live in computer's hearts, with millions of other zeros and ones. It's the Binary World!

In this adventure, Zerus is infected by a Virus and Ona takes him on an exciting trip. Is the Virus lurking in The Emails? Or did it all go wrong in The Search Engine?

Will they find a cure for Zerus?

The book includes a Parent Guide to help you discuss the topic with your children. It also comes with a Glossary of terms used in the story to answer all the questions that might arise.

ISBN 9789090322605 (English) | ISBN 9789083029818 (Dutch) | 40 pages | 8.5 x 8.5 inches | 500 grams
November 2019 | Binary World Productions | Words and pictures by Miriam Tocino

What humans are saying

How to keep your children safe online


Read the book

Get lost in the story and navigating pictures


Explore key safety issues

Learn what a computer virus is and where it can come from


Navigate smoothly

Go online knowing the risks and how to avoid them

zerus and ona bits