"Zerus gets a Virus" Video Read-Aloud

Break Routine!
It's Story Time in The Binary World.


Most of us have stayed home now for more days in a row than we ever have before due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's unusual to have so much waiting time at home!

Reading along stories has always been a great way to fill what can be hours of waiting and turn them into a lot of fun. So, here's a gift for you —the Zerus gets a Virus video read-aloud.​ 




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Get your copy of the book

The hard cover edition of Zerus gets a Virus is temporarily unavailable because of the coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, you can get the paperback edition via Amazon.

Stay tuned to hear about the Dutch, German and Spanish translations, coming up by the end of April 2020. 


The book comes with a Parent Guide and a Glossary to help you guide the conversation with your kids, including information about:

  • What is a Computer Virus
  • Where do Viruses come from
  • How to keep your computer healthy 

computer basics for kids books

Learn more with these fun sheets

Once you’ve watched the video, you might want to come back and check one of these fun sheets to share with your kids:

zerus and ona


A note from Miriam Tocino

If you've been following Zerus & Ona for a while, you may have heard me saying this.

"I dream with a more human, caring digital world and I believe that projects like Zerus & Ona can help us get there."


miriam tocino zerus and ona


Understanding computers can feel overwhelming. And telling our kids stories about them could make computers more approachable and exciting. Reaching more children could eventually end up building a more diverse tech industry in the upcoming years.

Based on my own experience as a programmer and coding teacher, I believe that diverse teams could very much lead us into a better digital world and better products for us all. 

computer basics for kids

I wish that talking about viruses wasn't a thing these days. But now, more than ever before, we need all the tools we can get to raise wonderful future creators of technology and loving digital citizens.

And the earlier we start, the better! 

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