Spark Your Children's Curiosity for
Technology through the Power of Stories

Online Creative Storytelling Workshop
with Miriam Tocino for Ages 9+

zerus and ona workshop

New generations feel naturally attracted to technology but as consumers. Only a few children are interested in knowing how devices around them work. 

In a world increasingly driven by technology, understanding computers and how they work will give them superpowers. 

It's our responsibility, as parents and teachers, to communicate that to our children.

Changing how children look at technology will help them see themselves as the future creators of our digital world. This workshop will spark their curiosity to create an emotional connection with technology through the power of stories. 

When children are emotionally engaged, they are excited, feel inspired, and eager to learn.

This workshop will take them on a journey to explore the world inside computers as a universe full of life, color, and adventures. They'll learn that there are millions of zeros and ones, also known as "bits". They'll then create a story to open their minds, ignite their imaginations and fire up their creativity.

After this workshop, they'll feel inspired, keen to learn about technology, and excited to engage in other tech-related activities such as robotics and coding.

zerus and ona workshop

Workshop Program


We'll start introducing ourselves and setting our mission. During this workshop, we'll all be writers; your children will be asked to use their words and pictures to transform the world inside computers into a universe full of life, color, and adventures.


Your children will learn about the different parts of a story: 

  • We'll explore the setting —the computer— and get to know different places.
  • We'll meet the characters —Zerus and Ona— and define their skills and traits.
  • We'll brainstorm ideas for the plot —all the events that happen in a story.

Based on a story prompt, your children will then develop their ideas for a new story and translate it into a storyboard and a book.


Before we wrap up the workshop, there'll be a round of questions where your children will get to ask anything. We'll then read the latest book of the series and close our time together, singing and dancing to Zerus & Ona's song.

This event takes place December 11th from 10 am to 12.30 pm CET.


zerus and ona workshop

From architect to programmer,to
coding teacher to children's book author

I haven't always been this passionate about computers.

My dad wanted me to go into computer science but, as a child, I always thought computers were grey and boring. 

I wanted to do something creative and colorful, something that helped other people around me. So instead, I went to college and studied architecture.

It took me more than 30 years to find the creative, colorful, human side of technology —I don't want the same thing to happen to today's children. 

That's why we need to develop fresh and innovative ways to introduce young children to the world of computers and reach as many of them as we can so they learn how exciting it can be.

After speaking to parents and teachers, it seems that many children, especially girls, still see computers as I did. With Zerus and Ona, I want to intervene and change the way they look at technology. 

Zerus & Ona is the tool my dad didn't have when he tried to encourage me to become interested in computers. 

zerus and ona workshop

Our students loved Miriam and her story, especially being able to see a real author and how she created her stories. She was very open with them about the entire process, showing videos of her working and displaying all of the planning documents she used throughout her writing process.

The students were engaged the entire day, and really contacted with her realness as an author.


Zerus & Ona is a great way to encourage kids to become curious about technology and how it works. Storytelling opens up their minds and lays a great conceptual foundation for introducing robotics, coding, and digital fabrication.

— Deborah Carter, Managing Director of NewTechKids


zerus and ona workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

How many kids will be in the workshop?

The maximum number of kids we'll accept is 16.

How much time do my kids get with Miriam?

I'll be available during the whole workshop from 10 am to 12:30 pm CET, including a Q&A session where your kids get to ask me anything. I'll also reply once via email to your kids' homework the week after and celebrate their beautiful creations!

Is there a Spanish edition of this workshop?

We'll run other editions of this workshop on demand. Please write if you'd like us to consider a Spanish edition. 

My kid has a little brother who will be around during the workshop. Could he join us?

Yes. You'll also get extra Zerus & Ona's activities for smaller ages to keep them entertained during the workshop and draw along his sister.

I'm a teacher. Can I still join if I don't bring any kids?

Absolutely. We're all writers, and we all have a child within. Besides, this is an excellent opportunity to explore different ways to use Zerus & Ona in your classes and get your students' excited about technology.

I'm IN. How do I connect for the event?

Zoom meeting details and workshop materials will be provided upon registration.

If you have another question that's not here, write and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


zerus and ona workshop

See you soon in The Binary World!

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