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Welcome to the Playbook

What if you could encourage your children to become curious about what technology is and how it works?

What if you could show them what programming is and play with your first lines of code together right away?

With this series, your children will discover the world of programming in an easy and fun way while playing with their first lines of code.

Why I share with you the song's code

When I was little, I had a couple of boxes full of MS-DOS games on floppy disks that I liked to play on our 386 computer.

Some of those games were made by Rodolfo, a friend of my neighbor, mathematician and programmer. "Rodolfo is a genius!" they said.

It never crossed my mind to ask if I could see the code behind his games. Programming was for those people like Rodolfo, not for a girl like myself.

I didn't touch my first lines of code until I was 30 years old and discovered the creative side of working with computers.

That's why today, I want to share with you the code we've used for Zerus & Ona's song. So you can play with it, change it and create your own compositions!

How they'll discover coding

The code you'll use to play with your children is part of the song in Zerus & Ona's first book, Welcome to our World. You don't need the book to follow this video series, but I recommend it.

⚡️ If you still don't have your book, order your book here »

welcome to our world

✅ First, you'll sing the song with your children, and they'll dance to it.

✅ Then you'll say, "Did you know that part of the music is done with code? Let's see how they do that!" You'll download the code on your computer and the application you need to play the song.

✅ Finally, I'll suggest 3 simple games that you can do at home or in the classroom, even if you haven't done any coding before.

That's how your children will discover the world of programming. Because it turns out that writing code isn't just for geniuses!

Now it's time to get singing, dancing and coding!