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How to keep playing

If you've made it this far, you already know how cool it's to play music with code. Do you want to learn more about it?

In this video, you'll see how you can keep playing with music and code and where to learn more about Sonic Pi.

How to keep learning with Sonic Pi

When you opened Sonic Pi for the first time, you may have seen that it comes with a tutorial embedded.

zerus and ona music

If you prefer, you can find that same tutorial on the web:

⚡️ Visit Sonic Pi's tutorial »

It's also a good idea to join its fabulous community and meet other educators, artists, and programmers to share your thoughts, ideas, and all kinds of questions.

⚡️ Visit Sonic Pi's community »

How to use Sonic Pi in your school

Sonic Pi is a free and open-source tool. Therefore, schools are fully allowed to download and install Sonic Pi and use it in the classroom without asking for permission.

This tool is as yours as the programmers who work on it and make it possible.

If there's any protocol, it'd only be with your school's IT team to find out how you can install Sonic Pi on your Windows or Mac computers.

How to find out more about Zerus & Ona

The song you used to write your first lines of code in this video series belongs to Zerus & Ona's first book, Welcome to our world.

As you've seen, to follow this video series, you didn't need to have the book, although I recommend it.

⚡️ If you still don't have the book, order your book here »

welcome to our world

Along with this title, there's another title already out, Zerus gets a virus.

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For 2021 there are already two new titles coming:

✅ The first of them, Visit to the ALU, will be an adventure about the world of mathematics within computers.

✅ The other book will be a compilation of the free ABC of Computers Series, including short stories and games for the little ones to help them build their vocabulary around programming.

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I hope to see you soon in The Binary World!

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