New Picture Book Series Offers Hands-On Help for Parents to Make Computer Science More Accessible and Fun to their Kids

In today's world, it’s far more likely that kids will become familiar with computers before they meet a cow in real life! And yet, browsing through children's books, there are many farms and very few computers🐄💙🤖

Former architect, software engineer and programming teacher, Miriam Tocino has spent the last two years drawing and writing stories for kids about computers, mostly during her baby's nap times. Zerus gets a Virus is the first title in the Zerus & Ona collection.



Technology has become an important part of our lives. There are screens everywhere and sometimes we, Humans, have a hard time trying to get away from it. Given the growing presence that computers have in today’s world, it’s important to think about the relationship that we’d like our kids to have with them and the uses that they’ll make of them. 

"Zerus & Ona is a rare delight, a fresh concept that perfectly fits a need in our high-tech culture. Miriam Tocino's lovely art and storytelling offer children a warm, welcoming, and whimsical introduction to the potentially daunting world of computers digital technologies — one that adults will enjoy reading alongside them, too." 


 Zerus and Ona

Books are still the best way to give children information about the world around them. 📚

Miriam says: “We can start to give our kids information about the digital world, too, together with all those other stories about what’s happening on the farm. They can learn about zeros and ones together with cows, sheep and horses. Or hear about RGB codes while learning about colors. Or pixels along with centimeters.”


Zerus and Ona

The world in itself could become more inclusive for them and the separation between their digital and real lives less disruptive. 🌟

“But there’s more,” says Miriam. “They could even come up with ideas about technology that we are not able to predict at this moment! Or think of solutions to existing problems in a way that’s just not possible for us. It might even turn out that, after all, children are the ones telling us, grown-ups, what it really means to live in harmony with technology and to love and care for computers as much as we do for animals!”

Zerus and Ona

Zerus gets a Virus is coming out in November 2019 and it's now available for pre-order. Languages: English and Dutch. Age range: 3 to 8.

The Book Launch will be hosted by Codaisseur, 10 Naritaweg, 1043 BX, Amsterdam on December 12, 2019 at 18:00h.