Create Your Arsenal of Computers' Stories

zerus and ona computer basics for kids

    Schools around the globe are including technology literacy in their curriculum, which means that our children will learn how to access technology, manage it, and communicate with it. More importantly, they'll also be building their own creations with it.

    These are exciting times and it will create amazing opportunities for them!

    Yet, after speaking with parents and educators, the world of computers and digital technologies can feel overwhelming, both for grown-ups and children. And we can't just leave everything up to schools, since computers are a big part of our culture and our children's upbringing.

    We, as parents, need to step in too and start talking with them about technology. Computer science education should start at home.

    From my days as a coding teacher, I learned how important stories can be when we're learning something new. And that’s why, during my classes, we talked about code as much as we coded.

    Stories make concepts accessible and tangible - they help our children to build their reality and understand the world around them.

    Parents need stories - stories about computers that are easy to tell at home, that are very hands-on and exciting so our children start asking lots of questions!

    The ABC of Computers is a free series within the Zerus & Ona collection to help you start creating your own arsenal of computers' stories to tell at home.

    I hope this series helps you open up the conversation around technology and sparks your children's curiosity for the world of computers. Because understanding computers is a superpower!

    With love,