Hour of Code 2019

Hour of Code 2019: Climate Change


It's CS Education Week (December 9-15, 2019) and Zerus and Ona are running for the first time ever an Hour of Code in The Binary World. 

They can't hold our excitement, because they love the theme for this year... Computer Science for Good! Along the week, Humans around the globe will be using computer science to make a positive impact on the world and address global challenges. 🙌

Zerus and Ona have a challenging project in their hands too. For some time now, their computer has been very warm and they'd like to do something about it. Will they find a solution?



Download this adventure and print it at home, or watch the video series below.


Episode 0

DECEMBER 6, 2019

Here, in The Binary World, we have our own challenges too. In this video you'll know more about Zerus and Ona's project for the week.





Episode 1

DECEMBER 9, 2019

Computer Science Education Week is finally here!! And we're running our first Hour of Code ever in The Binary World. 🚀

We have a challenging project in our hands. For some time now, our computer has been veeeeeeery warm and we'd like to do something about it!




Episode 2

DECEMBER 11, 2019

In the previous episode of the series Hour of Code 2019, we found out that the CPU might be the reason behind the high temperatures in our computer. 

But, what's actually the CPU? And why does it overheat? 🔥




Episode 3

DECEMBER 13, 2019

In the last episode of the series Hour of Code 2019, we tried a couple of things to cool down our world. 

We used air and water, which it's similar to how computers do it in real life. 🌧💨

Some of them use cooling fans to keep the temperature under control. While others do it through liquid cooling systems.

None of them though seem to be working for us this time. Even Ona run out of water! Surprisingly, our computer will soon start to cool down... 

How can that be?!!