Bits and Bytes from The Binary World

Bits and Bytes from The Binary World


Zerus gets a Virus: Crossword

This time we come to you with a giga giga challenge. But first, let us ask. How many times did yo go through your book of Zerus gets a Virus already? 2? 4? 8? 16? ... 512? No matter the number, we know something. You're more than ready to take all those bits and bytes you learned and fill them in... with a crossword!

"We've got email from Zerus and Ona!" little Human cried.

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Story Time: Pixel

One day, we were painting cats with friends. We painted and painted, and as we painted we all sang a little song to ourselves. "Isn't it wonderful, a screen full of pixels? This pixel is blue... that pixel is red. Yellow! Brown! Pink! Where will it..."


"I like these bits and bytes from The Binary World and I think you'll like them too!"

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Story Time: It's Way Too Warm!

It's CS Education Week (December 9-15, 2019) and we're running for the first time ever an Hour of Code in The Binary World. We can't hold our excitement, because we love the theme for this year... Computer Science for Good!


Along the week, you humans will be using computer science to make a positive impact on your world and address global challenges. We have a challenging project in their hands too. For some time now, our computer has been very warm and we'd like to do something about it. Ready to join us?