Understanding computers is a SUPERPOWER

Your children are growing up in a world driven by technology. They feel naturally attracted to it, but just as consumers. Only a few see themselves as CREATORS.

We make computers accessible, friendly, and easy to understand to help you spark your children's curiosity for the world of technology.

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zerus and ona miriam tocino

Hi, I'm Miriam!

In 2013, I quit my job as an architect and stayed home for six months, teaching myself how to code through online courses. I then became a software developer before going on to become a coding teacher.

Three years ago, when I had my son, I started thinking about the way in which I'd like to introduce him to the world of computers.

I started by looking at what we were already doing at home with him, which was reading books.

Children start building their reality from books, and when they read, their whole life becomes that book. They love getting lost in stories and navigating pictures.

"What if we read him stories that take place inside a computer? About how computers do maths or graphics, and how the internet works? And what if they were told by a zero and a one? They could live in the Binary World!"

With the Zerus & Ona's book series, your children learn about computer basics and they'll become curious about what technology is and how it works.
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zerus and ona miriam tocino

Seeking creativity in technology

Growing up my dad wanted me to go into computer science but I thought that computers were gray and boring. It took me 30 years to find the creative and human side of technology and I don't want the same thing to happen to our children.

As a coding teacher, I taught hundreds of people to switch their careers into tech. Telling stories always helped me to make abstract concepts accessible and keep my students engaged.

With Zerus & Ona, I want to bring what I learned during my days as a teacher into people's homes and help you spark your children's curiosity for the world of computers.

"Children need to know that understanding computers will give them SUPERPOWERS. They'll help them to create their own world, in whatever way they choose."

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zerus and ona miriam tocino

Making technology more inclusive

After speaking to parents and teachers, it seems that many girls still see computers as I did, as if they weren't for them. With Zerus and Ona, I want to intervene and save those girls.

They're a tool my dad didn't have when he was encouraging me to become interested in computers.

But the books aren't just for girls. It's important to reach out to boys too and that's why I chose two main characters for the series. I want to portray an equal relationship between a boy and a girl in dealing with computers.

zerus and ona bits

I'm passionate about promoting computer science education among children, teachers and parents, and I participate in educational and technological events.

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