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Welcome to our World
Welcome to our World
Welcome to our World
Welcome to our World
Welcome to our World

Welcome to our World

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This board book edition is available for pre-order. Shipping date April 2021.

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Understanding computers is a SUPERPOWER

Your children are growing up in a world driven by technology. They feel naturally attracted to it, but just as consumers. Only a few see themselves as CREATORS.

With Zerus & Ona, you embark with your children on a journey to explore the computer as a friend, full of possibilities and challenges

zerus and ona bits
welcome to our world

A story about friendship

Zerus and Ona live in computer's hearts, with millions of other zeros and ones. It's the Binary World!

They're now best friends and like to do everything together. But, there was a time when they didn't know each other.

How did Zerus and Ona first meet?

The story in this book is also a song. We used live coding for the music and you'll get the code to play the song together with your children. Tutorial, instructions and activities coming soon!

ISBN 9789083029870 | Board book | 40 pages | 200 x 200 mm | 500 grams
November 2020 | Binary World Productions | Words and pictures by Miriam Tocino

What humans are saying



Read the book

Get lost in the story and navigating pictures


Sing the song

Move your body and dance to bits and bytes


Play the music

Make your own sounds and discover the world of coding

zerus and ona bits