What is RGB?

by Miriam Tocino

In our first book, Zerus got sick. All his brushes were turning black and his RGBs were gone. So was his sense of color and his head was spinning!

You might already know the end of that story. And luckily, we quickly found a solution for it!

zerus and ona computer basics for kids

Zerus calls his pencils RGBs. Why is that?

Well, computers can't have pencils to color like you do. They have their own special way of working with it and it's called RGB, which stands for red, green and blue.

In this blog post you'll learn:

Now, let's begin with some computer basics for kids.


What is RGB?

RGB stands for red, green and blue. Generally, this way of working with color is associated with screens, like the ones on your computer, your camera or your TV.

By mixing these three colors in certain ways, screens are able to have many of the colors that you humans can recognize.

what is RGB kids

How to write colors in RGB?

Your computer screen is divided into tiny squares that follow a puzzle. These tiny squares are called pixels and each of them has its own amount of red, green and blue.

Typically the values for each of them vary between zero and 255. These are some examples:

what is rgb kids

A Brief History

The use of the RGB color model has its roots in the RCA color-TV.

In 1953 NBC spokesman Richard Harkness announces that color TVs would soon be available for purchase. Some people were excited while others thought that color TV would turn humans pink.

what is rgb for kids

Photo Credit: H. Armstrong Roberts / ClassicStock / Getty Images


Hooray-bits! You just learned what the RGB color model is, how to write colors in RGB and a brief history about it.

Now, it's exploration time!

Visit the RGB calculator at w3schools here.

  • What's your favorite color? Find the RGB color value for it.
  • What's the RGB value for black? And for white? And... pink?!

Play around with it, come back and let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

Remember that understanding computers is a superpower! And your ideas might help enormously to other humans around.

Lots of Megas from The Binary World,

Zerus & Ona


Complement your reading with what is a pixel and download this picture of Zerus and Ona to color with your favourite pencils.


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