What is a pixel?

by Miriam Tocino

In the beginning of Zerus gets a Virus, Zerus, Ona and friends are painting cats inside a photo editing application.

Did you see those tiny squares in the background?

It looks like their screen is divided into many little pieces. What are they? 

"They painted and painted and painted, and as they painted they all sang a little song to themselves..."


The screens in our computers, tablets and phones are divided into tiny squares which follow a puzzle. We call these squares pixels. But, computers were not the first ones to use this system to work with color. We Humans have done it for ages!

 Zerus and Ona Pixels Kids Encyclopedia

Zerus and Ona Pixels Kids Encyclopedia 

In the case of pixels, they're so, sooo tiny that they appear to merge into a smooth image when displayed on the screen or printed in paper.

Zerus and Ona Pixels Kids EncyclopediaComputers have their own way of working with color. It's called RGB, which stands for red, green and blue. By mixing them, computers are able to have many of the colors that we humans recognize. Every pixel on the screen has its own amount of red, green and blue.

Zerus and Ona Pixels Kids Encyclopedia

Zerus and Ona Pixels Kids Encyclopedia

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