What is coding?

by Miriam Tocino

zerus and ona binary the abc of coding

Here in The Binary World, we can carry out any task you can imagine. But there's a catch. We can't do anything without you!

How do you give instructions to a computer?

Humans use coding to tell computers what to do. Based on a program with actionable steps, we'll carry out any task.

You can write a computer program using a specific programming language. There are many of them, and you can even use different languages to write different parts of the same program.

zerus and ona binary the abc of coding

Using codes to send messages is nothing new, you've done it for ages!

For example, you may know about Morse code, which changes letters to dots and dashes. Humans have used it since the 18th century.

And then, there's also a flag code! When people in two different boats want to send a message, they are too far away to shout.

So they take out a couple of flags to communicate with each other!

zerus and ona binary the abc of coding

Play time

Now that you know about coding, it's time for some games!

In this video, you'll learn how to write a computer program to help a special computer build your favorite animal. 🐰

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Download the material, pick an animal, and let's get playing!

⚡ Download computer program's board »
⚡ Download set of instructions' cards »
Download drawing cards »

Horray-bits, you just learned about coding and how to write a program using a language to build any animal you want. 🐾

Remember, understanding computers is a SUPERPOWER. So, keep on learning (and playing!). 💫

Lots of Megas from the Binary World,
Zerus & Ona

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zerus and ona binary the abc of coding

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