What is an IP address?

by Miriam Tocino

Hello, Human! If you’re here, most probably you already got a copy of our first book Zerus gets a Virus. Hooray-bits!!

Well, we think that some of the words in the book might have been new to you. And so, we prepared a series of blogposts to explain some of these new words and help you (and your little Humans!) fully grasp their meaning.

Today's New Word: IP Address!

Humans live at a specific location or address. This helps other Humans easily find you, for example when they want to send you a letter.

Your full address contains the name of the street, the number of your apartment or house, a postcode and the name of your city.

The Internet is like a big city with lots of different locations or websites, each of them having a specific address. You might know their location by their domain names or URL addresses.


But, that information is not enough to find a website when you're searching for something. The same way that other Humans can’t find your place only by knowing your name!

Every website on the Internet needs an IP Address.

An IP Address is divided into 4 numbers, each divided by a period. These are some examples:

And you just learned a new word: IP Address.

Which means...

It's Arts & Crafts Time!! ✏️✂️

Now it's your turn. Can you come up with your own story about IP Addresses? To make your life easier, we prepared these printable cut-outs sheet to help you create your own book of Zerus & Ona.

We’d love to see what you make!

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