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How to Raise Your Kid's Interest in Technology

Last week, I attended the WeAreTechWomen Conference, and I hung out in one of the chat rooms about STEM. One dad reached out to me with this: "I have a 6-year-old girl who I would love to get more into STEM, but she already sees technology as a ‘boy thing’ regardless of how much I’ve tried. Any ideas on how I can encourage her into STEM?" My dad also tried hard to get me into STEM. But, I didn't see the point and that's why I could relate to his girl, because I was the same. There's a big reason why I use illustration and storytelling to teach kids about computers. These are two of the things that I loved the...

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What is a Computer Bus?

In your computer, the information and data are moving around, running from one side to another constantly. That's why you'll always see us on the move. We love going on trips, especially when we have to solve new problems. It's our favorite thing! Illustration of our upcoming book "Welcome to our World" But, how is all this data traveling around? Well, computers have their own version of pathways and they're called computer buses. In this blog post you'll learn: What is a computer bus The different types of computer buses And a brief history Now, let's begin with some computer basics for kids! What is a Computer Bus? You can think of computers like digital cities with their own public transportation. A computer bus is like...

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