Zerus gets a Virus is Ready for Pre-Order

by Miriam Tocino

Zerus gets a Virus - Pre-order

Two years ago I was lying on the couch with my husband. It was late at night. And our four-months-old baby didn't want to sleep, as usual. We were sooooo sleep deprived. Horrible place to be, trust me.

But, there are actually a couple of positive things about not getting all the amount of sleep that you need. You can get into that blurry state of mind where you have the craziest ideas. Where you laugh about anything (especially nonsense silly things). And, my very favorite, where you don't care as much about what others think of you or your work.

So, we were on the couch, the three of us, when it happened.

We enjoy talking about how we'd like him to get to know the world of computers (there’s no surprise here, since Mom and Dad both work in the tech industry and we'd love him to get excited about what we do!). 

- “Wouldn't it be cool if we read him stories about what’s happening inside a computer right from when he’s very small?"

- "About how computers do math? Or graphics? Or how information travels through the Internet?"

- "Yes. But what if they were told by a 0 and a 1? A Binary World? We could call him Zerus… And we could call her Ona!” 

And I promise you, Human, that's how it all started.

It was so straight-forward that I still can't believe it myself. What came after that, however, was not easy. If someone had told me then, “Miriam, you know that it's gonna take you two years to finish the first book?”, I'd say, “No way!” And yet, here we are. We'll soon be celebrating Zerus & Ona's second birthday.

Throughout this drawing and writing process, I've come to realize that Zerus & Ona is more than just a series of fun stories to read to our kids.

It's a fresh, exciting, innovative way to introduce them to the world of technology. To help them understand the world around them. So, one day, they can create their own. In whatever way they choose.

Today, we're celebrating because Zerus gets a Virus is officially available for pre-order! 🎉🎉🎉

A lesson I've learned with this book.

Every piece of work that you make has value in itself and you just need to let it be as good as it is every day, day after day. I can see now how Zerus gets a Virus was built from a big collection of tiny insights coming from each piece of drawing and writing that I made during this time.

Lastly, a big thank you! 💙

For your time and support, for reading and sharing. And, most important, for caring about projects like Zerus & Ona.

With love (and enormous excitement!!),



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