Why Reading Stories About Computers With Our Kids Is Important

by Miriam Tocino


Technology has become an important part of our lives. There are screens everywhere and sometimes we, Humans, have a hard time trying to get away from it. 

Given the growing presence that computers have in today’s world, it’s important to think about the relationship that we’d like our kids to have with them and the uses that they’ll make of them. 

Computers and technology are great tools for making things happen, such as writing your first book, doing your art or building your dream doll’s house! And it can definitely make our lives better and help people around us.

Still, books are the best way to give children information about the world around them. 🌟

Reading to our baby is one of our favorite moments in the day while, for him, it's an important form of stimulation that teaches him about communication, builds listening and vocabulary.

We’ve actually been reading to him since he was very little. We visited a book fair where we met a librarian who was very excited about the idea of reading to babies. “It’s just much easier to get children into the magic of books while they still can’t crawl,” she said boldly. So we tried and it worked!

Now, here comes the good part. These days it’s way more likely that kids will become familiar with computers before they meet a cow in real life! 🤖💙🐮

But, browsing through children's books, you'll find many farms and very few computers. Animals are cool and kids love them but their interest in technology grows every day with so many devices around them.

So, why don’t we start giving our kids information about that side of the world, too, together with all those other stories about what’s happening on the farm? They could learn about zeros and ones together with cows, sheep and horses. Or hear about RGB codes while learning about colors. Or pixels along with centimeters.

The world in itself could become more inclusive for them and the separation between their digital and real lives less disruptive. They could even come up with ideas about technology that we are not able to predict at this moment! Or think of solutions to existing problems in a way that’s just not possible for us. 

And that’s why I started Zerus & Ona.

Reading stories about computers and technology with our children, seeing what they come up with and talking about it with them… it’s going to be so much fun!

But there’s more. It might even turn out that, after all, children are the ones telling us, grown-ups, what it really means to live in harmony with technology and to love and care for computers as much as we do for animals! 


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