Video Interview on Cajigo —How we can get our children to think of technology as their future

by Miriam Tocino

As you read this, out there every company is becoming a tech company.

If we want the digital world to serve the society we live in, we need more diversity in the tech industry, both during the design and the implementation phases.

In a world driven by technology, how can we get our children to think of it as their future?  

This is the topic of my conversation with Rav Bumbra, founder of Cajigo, diversity champion and Top 5 #WomeninTech, where we talked about:

  • How to encourage girls into tech and change their perception about computers
  • How parents can take control of their children's learning around technology
  • The importance of making role models visible


Watch the full interview above 👆 or check it out in tiny bits below 👇.

Tech is everywhere right now and it's becoming an enabler that allows us to book holidays, watch movies or do our groceries.

The impact of technology in our daily lives is growing day by day.

When tech is so exciting right now, how can it be that women make less than 20% of the tech force?




Growing up, my dad always wanted me to go into computer science. But, as a child, I thought that computers were gray and boring.

I didn't think that computers were for me.

How can we give our children a sense of belonging?



Even though I didn't go into computer science at first, something sparked my curiosity down the road and made me switch gears.

I became an insider.

What made me pursue a career in tech?



Back in 2017, when I had my child, I started thinking about the way in which I'd like to introduce him to the world of computers.

It needed to be a warm, welcoming experience, and also very hands-on for parents and educators.

How could we present computers, not only as an aid, but also as a friend that is fun and exciting, full of possibilities and challenges?



The world of computers can often feel daunting and overwhelming, both for children and grown-ups. But, it doesn't have to be.

Computers can be taught in a friendly, accessible and fun way, to get our children engaged right away.

How can Zerus & Ona take the overwhelm away and help you introduce computer basics at home or in the classroom?



Young children love stories and illustration. They were two of the things that I loved the most when I was little and that's why I use them to teach children about computers.

The vehicle we use to teach becomes an opportunity for connection and spark our children's curiosity. 

But, when we start looking at older girls, how important is it to talk about stories and the different journeys into tech, while still listening to their inner voice?



My child was 6 months old when I had the idea for Zerus & Ona. My life was a complete chaos and I was constantly sleep-deprived.

There was one "hack" that made it all possible.

How I made the time to draw and write while taking care of my newborn and why it's important to make space to work on your dreams?



Technology is transforming the world. These are exciting times and it will create amazing opportunities opportunities for our children.

Reaching our children while they're little is key.

For young children, what can parents and educators do to engage them with technology and support them on their journey?



We need to be able to reach our children when they're still little. But, keeping them engaged with technology as they grow is also important.

Young women need to see themselves as the designers and creators of our digital future.

How can we keep older girls and young women connected to tech?


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Interview Notes

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