Writing Books which Teach Kids Early that Tech is for both Girls and Boys

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"In my stories, there are two characters because I want to portray an equal relationship between a boy and a girl in dealing with computers. After having worked in the tech industry, I believe there's work to be done in educating the men and getting everyone to work together successfully in this field. I wanted to help with that part of the equation."

— Miriam Tocino

In this PreparationTech interview, Miriam Tocino, the CEO, author and illustrator behind the popular Zerus & Ona series talks about using storytelling to teach kids how technology works.

Miriam began her career as an architect before switching to teaching programming.

Blending the lessons she learned from both experiences with her passion for creative expression, Miriam is pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling through her books, dances, songs and of course, coding.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:04 Miriam describes her path to becoming a children's book author and illustrator
  • 03:25 Miriam describes her Zerus & Ona book series
  • 06:22 Miriam talks about how girls love her books because of the illustrations, storytelling and creativity
  • 07:15 Miriam talks about her childhood: interests, influences and lessons learned
  • 11:50 Miriam outlines the mindset and curiosity of people who are successful in tech
  • 15:25 Miriam explains her writing process and how she is an intuitive writer as opposed to a linear writer
  • 17:56 Miriam talks about the specific process she uses to combine the written story with the illustrations and the technology tools and software she uses
  • 21:35 Miriam talks about how she created the main characters in her book to defy gender stereotypes and to make them appealing to both girls and boys
  • 24:39 Miriam proposes a school project to teach kids about the creative process, perseverance and progress
  • 31:41 Miriam suggests that parents, teachers and school guidance counselors challenge kids to do a '100 Day Project' to explore a specific areas to identify true passions


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