Finding Purpose as a New Mom and Having a Creative Outlet


Parent Driven Development Podcast, interview with Allison McMillan and Chris Sexton. Listen here.

During this episode, we talked about finding purpose as a new mom, having a creative outlet, and building a practice for it. We also touched on the process of making a book and how Miriam uses intuitive writing to create stories.

As part of this interview, Miriam also answered some questions on Twitter under the hashtag #ParentDrivenChat.

Parent Driven: Today we’re teaming up with Miriam, mother, coder, programming teacher, and author and illustrator of Zerus & Ona, to discuss how we teach technology to our kids, and how parents can step in to help them learn.

To start, how could we introduce our kids to technology? What have you come across in your process of creating Zerus & Ona?

Miriam: During my research, parents I interviewed didn’t have time to do all things they’d like with their kids.

Zerus & Ona needed to be very hands-on, easy to add in the routine. Even parents with little time could read the books and teach their kids about computers!

Parent Drive: Your book is quite fun to read and explore! But why do you think it's important for our kids about computers?

Miriam: Computers are such a big part of our lives now... We need to talk with our kids about them!

Parent Driven: It's so true. We're on them all the time... especially working in tech!

Miriam: Hahaha. This morning my husband was just trying to explain my 3yo what a repository is... So, yes!

Parent Driven: Computers are super important and integrated into our lives, so how can parents step in to help their kids learn more about technology?

Miriam: We could explain to them the ins and outs of computers, so they better understand the world they live in.

And we can do this bit by bit, without overwhelm!

This is the idea behind Zerus & Ona —to help parents open up that conversation with their kids.

Parent Driven: Love that. Zerus & Ona breaks it down so well, with amazing illustration as well!

Miriam: And I can see it that it works now. Parents are reaching out to me with their experiences.

Last week one of them told me that her 4yo already knows that Zerus and Ona live inside her computer and that they talk in binary! I love that.

Parent Driven: Kids talking in binary! Haha that is amazing. What do you hope kids understand about technology and how they will use it in the future?

Miriam: I’d love kids to know that understanding computers is a superpower. If they get to know how computers work, it’s a powerful tool to have!

It'll help them express themselves in new ways and build the world they want to live in.

Parent Driven: Kids have massive creative minds too. We've seen lots of kids harness their power through programs like Girls Who Code
and the outcome is awesome to watch.

Miriam: So true... Kids can really change the world and they have the best ideas!

Parent Driven: Kids can TOTALLY change the world. Wrapping up, thank you so much, Miriam for joining us today.

Miriam: Thank you for having me today!

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