EuRuKo 2019 Lightning Talk

by Miriam Tocino

In 2015 I attended the EuRuKo Conference in Salzburg, where a friend of mine gave a Lightning Talk. I remember him preparing his slides while sitting next to me and I thought, wow, that's such a cool thing to do!

This year the EuRuKo Conference was held in Rotterdam and I didn't plan to attend.

But, last minute, that same friend couldn't make it and he offered me his ticket.

So I took it and went to Rotterdam, where I met another friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. We talked about Zerus & Ona until he said "You need to give a Lightning Talk tomorrow". "No, I don't", I said. "If you don't send that email to the organisers, I will", he continued. Something inside of me knew that he was right.

Ok, so I submitted my talk and...

It got confirmed!! I had to run home, prepare the slides and figure out what I needed to say. On the very next day I'd be taking a train to Rotterdam and giving a Lightning Talk myself!

And that's how it happened, that's how I ended up being on the EuRuKo's stage this year. Telling hundreds of people about Zerus & Ona. About why this project is important. And about what's coming next. And oh yes, it was the coolest thing to do!