Book Launch Interview: Real Talk on Motherhood, Creativity and Raising Kids in a Digital World

Miriam Tocino

Miriam Tocino

The Book Launch Party of Zerus gets a Virus took place during the last full moon of this year. The evening was beautiful and I was surrounded by the best humans. Sadly, many of them had to cancel last minute because here in Amsterdam, real viruses are all over the place.

Still, I want you to know that if you've been in anyway part of this project or following the journey, either close to me or further from the distance, a piece of you was in that room with us.

During the event, I was interviewed by Rein Op 't Land, one of my students from my time as a teacher at Codaisseur, where the event was hosted. Thank you both, Rein and Codaisseur, for your warm welcome and making me feel at home.

The full interview is now online and you can watch it here:

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