Welcome to our World

by Zerus & Ona

Welcome to our World : A Story about Friendship

Zerus and Ona are now best friends and like to do everything together. But, there was a time when they didn't know each other. How did they first meet?

  • Words and pictures by Miriam Tocino
  • Published by Binary World Productions 2020
  • Translations include Spanish, Dutch and German

zerus and ona welcome to our world

What I love about Zerus & Ona is that it's a great way to encourage young kids to become curious about what technology is and how it works. Storytelling opens up their minds and lays a great conceptual foundation for introducing activities such as robotics, coding and digital fabrication

— Deborah Carter, Managing Director of NewTechKids

zerus and ona welcome to our world

zerus and ona welcome to our world