Offering children a warm, welcoming introduction to the world of computers and technology.

With adorable characters and fun adventures, your family will fall in love with technology. Together, you can uncover the hidden mysteries of The Binary World.

The Binary World

"Zerus & Ona is a rare delight, a fresh concept that perfectly fits a need in our high-tech culture. Miriam Tocino's lovely art and storytelling offer children a warm, welcoming introduction to the potentially daunting world of computers' digital technologies —one that adults will enjoy reading alongside them, too."

John Gonzalez, writer of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Fallout: New Vegas

"We've got email from Zerus and Ona!" little Human cried.

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Extra Bits and Bytes

In The Binary World, the adventures are infinite and there's always a task going on! Discover more stories, games and activities around Zerus & Ona's books and their world.